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Living in Vesterbronx


Walking down to the ATM to get some cash I saw a well-dressed lady cross the street and get in on the passenger seat in a white Ford Fiesta. The traffic lights changed from red to green and the Fiesta drove off.

I got my money and walked back home.

On my way back the same Fiesta, now coming from the opposite direction, pulled over and the same lady got out of the car. Crossing the bike path she spat, wiped her mounth with the back of her hand and took her phone from her purse as I passed her.

Less than 5 minutes, including some driving around. Well done.

Apparently I'm a some sort of criminal, at least in the United States of America. The reason? My email address is, and if I substitute the “@” with a “.” I get the URL of my webpages. This is such a remarkable technique that the USPTO rewarded the years of hard thinking that went into this earthshattering invention with US Pat. No. 6,671,714. The two geniuses owning this patent, Troy K. Javaher and Frank M. Weyer, has formed “The Nizza Group” to blackmail, err, I mean sue, domain registrars for damages. Read more than you care to know about it in C|Net's “Domain registrars sued over URL patent.”

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