Liebach v3.0 alpha

L33t “security technology”


With my Xbox I got a two month trial subscription to Xbox Live, so I tried signing up. In the beginning of the sign up procedure you get this message (emphasis added by me):

Welcome to the future of gaming. You are about to subscribe to Xbox Live. Xbox Live uses security technology to help safeguard your information. If you have an Xbox Live subscription code and high-speed Internet service, please continue. Otherwise, see or a local Xbox retailer.

Wow! “security technology”. I'm so impressed.

Anyway, I proceeded and spent the next 30 minutes chewing through the Terms of Use, Code of Conduct and Privacy Statement, all combined into one big page. There's a caveat; when the trial subscription ends it'll default to become a normal paid subscription, so I must remember to cancel it before 2006-03-27, lest I want to pay.

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