Liebach v3.0 alpha

Now with a bathroom + assorted rants


Finally our bathroom is finished, our stuff moved back in place and the washing machine moved to it's final location on the back stairs where the toilet used to be. Everything is in place, and yesterday we had homemade real dinner for the first time in a month. What a treat.

I've finally gotten around to set up the wireless Access Point. Apparently the radiowaves from the AP made my server crash, and it took most of Sunday before I got the idea to move the AP from it's position on top of the case to one meter away from it. Since then the server has been stable as usual, but I hate to think of what the many hard resets and following fsck(8) might have done to the file system, but with the harddisk write cache disabled and softupdates BSD filesystems are extremely resilient in my experience. I haven't discovered any problems yet, so I'm probably in the clear.

I spent 3 days struggling with Gentoo Linux trying to make it use my xl(4) network card without success. And yes, I know it's known as 3c59x in Linux-land. Luckily my wi(4) wireless card worked fine.

BSD is Unix like God intended it, Linux is Unix perverted by SATAN (Windows is the product of Satan), hence I reinstalled OpenBSD. It feels so good, it feels like home.

Finally, Thor Larholm of PivX Solutions has made a quite interesting post to BugTraq titled “Comments on 5 IE vulnerabilities”. Of course PivX has a free fix (the first one is always free), aptly named Qwik-Fix. It looks pretty good, and the above email explains how it works.

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