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Marco Pantani died of a heart attack


What do you think about a beautiful piece of code like this: <FORM ONSUBMIT="if (this.InputCode.value != 'm26-C35-n34-R33') { alert('Du har ikke indtastet den rigtige kode');return false;}"…? I think they deserve to suffer.

Marco Pantani died of a heart attack:

Italian cyclist Marco Pantani died of a heart attack and was also found to have brain and lung damage, according to initial reports from an autopsy carried out here on Monday.

So I were probably wrong. The article linked above hints that his bone marrow might have been damaged from EPO abuse, and the medication found in his hotel room were anti-depressants which probably couln't have killed him. Still, cerebral and pulmonary oedema isn't normal, and some notes found in the room talked about cocaine addiction.

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