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iRiver and Paul Grahams latest piece


The iRiver iHP-120 is extremely nice, at least according to wulffeld, that lucky bastard. It can even play Ogg Vorbis files and there's a built in FM radio tuner too. It makes the iPod look obsolete. It's at the top of my gadget wish-list together with a new laptop, my current laptop's display is really busted with a strange red tint everytime it's been moved and the next 2 days or so. It's fucking annoying.

I'll quit whining, and just point you to famous lisp zealot and hacker Paul Graham's website, he's an extremely clueful person. The latest I've read is “What You Can't Say”, probably his best article yet. And no, that article has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with lisp, it's “… about heresy: how to think forbidden thoughts, and what to do with them.” Highly recommended.

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