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Linuxforum recovery


I'm now recovered from Linuxforum. It's much tougher making a two day conference than a one day event as it was last year, but the commercial friday really made our sponsors and exhibitors very happy, so it was worth it. Saturday bacame a true marathon of around 18 hours from I left home until I were home again. I took the train that day, not the bike as usual, a wise decision. When I finally came home I passed out and slept for 10 hours.

I bought “Learning XSLT” (ISBN: 0-596-00327-7) from Polyteknisk with a 20% Linuxforum discount. It's a little dull, basic and slow to begin with, I hope it gets better (I'm only 30 pages into it). Maybe XSLT can solve my webpage generation problems. Having experimented some with PHP I'm not really happy about it, and I'm used to writing in XHTML so XML will feel about the same. I also find an XML + XSLT based solution more technically pleasing, and it's probably more portable too. The buzzword factor is also higher…

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