I went to field's yesterday with Nicolai. Nicolai is studying for architect, so we were looking at the buildings and the design much more than all the shops. Some of our observations:

  1. The “fi” in the “field's” logo is only a half ligature, the “f” is the dot over the “i” as it should be, but the “i” and “f” is not connected at the dash through the vertical line in the “f”. It should've been a correct ligature or none at all in my opinion.
  2. The tiles on the sidewalk and bikepath looked like they had just thrown them down randomly, some of the stones protruded more than a centimeter. Certainly not comfortable by bike, and older people might fall.
  3. The back-stairs were too steep, and the doors too close. It looked like they ran out of space and just made the stairs steeper so they'd fit in the available space.
  4. They counted the floors from 0, the elevator buttons from the lowest level parking lot were labeled -2, -1, 0. Very cool. The problem is that the voice announcing the floor in the elevator when we arrived at the 0th floor said “Second floor” (in danish, mind you). Not very cool.
  5. Their website require Flash version 6 or better to work. They can go fuck themselves, thank you very much. It's OK to use flash for a website, but there must be a plain HTML version available. At least they have the decency to have a page telling you what's wrong, unlike e.g. OSIA (who really should know better, they're supposedly technical people).

Otherwise it was as you'd expect at the opening day of something like that. There's nothing more depressing than the stupidity of a horde of people desperately trying to save money on crap they don't need, like 3 microwave ovens for the price of 2 etc…

After field's we went on to Cafe Classé and had lunch on Nicolai. They had a very tasty and reasonably sized Classé Burger, not the humongous sized burgers that many Cafe's serve, with the best potato based side dish I've ever tasted. I think they called them raw-fried potatoes. Yummy.