Liebach v3.0 alpha

Crypto-Gram etc.


There's a new Crypto-Gram newsletter out. Maybe it's just me, but I think they've just become better and better the last few issues. As usual Schneier is sensible and clueful to read, and there's a bunch of interesting looking links in there. The “top story” of this issue is the Windows source code leak, and it is a quite interesting affair.

At home I have now finally set up RRDtool to generate graphs from RRDs collected by symon and my own scripts. At the same time I cleaned up the mess on and it's now a very nice and slick site with a single front page of text pointing to anywhere else and graphs for the rest. My graph generating script takes around 35 seconds to generate the 900 KB of PNGs, and it's run every 15 minutes. I've also put everything I've created in CVS already, so I feel very good about it.

What learning style are you? I'm “REF 3, INT 3, VIS 11, GLO 11” according to this learning style questionnaire. Interesting test.

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