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Picasso exhibition at “Arken”


Today Mette Marie and I visited Arken to see the Picasso exhibition. It was sligtly disappointing, the really famous works wasn't there, and it seemed as if most people were on guided tours, not just on their own like we was. The way something intuitive like art is intellectualized by art-people is wrong. It was very annoying to walk around and listen to their long and boring explanations droning on in the background, and to suddenly find yourself surrounded by a group listening to a guide while you was studying a painting. Louisiana had a retrospective Salvador Dali exhibition more than 10 years ago, and it's still the best I've ever seen, Picasso is boring in comparison.

But it was nice to get out of Vesterbro and Copenhagen for a while, I've missed that. Arken is located just next to the sea, so we took a short walk there, the light was beautiful and I took some rather fine photos if I may say so. I wish I had written my gallery software now so I could show you, but I haven't.

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