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Burger'n beer


Yesterday I went to a BSD-DK burger'n beer event. It was really nice, though I can't recommend the burgers at Café Frandsen. The Café was quite overwhelmed by the just over 20 people who showed up, we took up most of the available tables and chairs.

Michael were there too, he arrived from Aalborg 2½ hours early, so we had a beer on Strøget and then walked out to Amager and Café Frandsen in the nice but slightly cool spring weather. After Frandsen we ended up at The Shamrock Inn. I drank a lot of Kilkenny and inhaled a lot of second hand smoke, so my head hurts a little today. Otherwise we had a lot of fun, and I were home at 02:15.

My sister Ellen and her youngest son Sebastian come for dinner today. They will stay until sunday. Tomorrow we'll look after Sebastian while Ellen goes out with some old friends. I shall spoil Sebastian and teach him to play Xbox games. It'll be grand.

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