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Even I read Slashdot occasionally. Through there I found this gem of a story at Wired: “Music Magic Found in the Shuffle”. Of course I'll quote the part that I agree with:

James Kellaris, a professor of marketing at the University of Cincinnati and author of a study about tunes that stick in your head, said the appeal of random shuffle is likely generational.

Kellaris said random shuffle likely appeals to the MTV generation – kids with short attention spans who are likely “brain damaged.”

“Personally, and I believe I speak for many old farts here, I appreciate listening to music, be it an opera or a pop album, in the sequence in which the artist decided to present it,” he said.

“Temporal order is an important element of how a work unfolds dynamically over time, an important factor underlying the aesthetic effect. Random shuffle pretty much flushes that down the toilet.”

I couldn't have said it better. The few compilations I've bought are inevitably disappointments with only one exception, and that's the Led Zeppelin 6 LP (yes, real vinyl) compilation I bought years ago, containing about 80% of everything Led Zeppelin ever published. And even that collection misses their version of Norwegian Woods.

Anyway, the steady stream of Absolute Whatever #n++ compilations are clearly made for idiots by marketing sub-humans. I also hate all those hit radio stations, they make people musically stupid and insensitive.

Also note how I cleverly dodged the fact that James Kellaris is a professor of marketing, and thereby, by definition, clueless. That's how marketing people are. Everyone knows that. I still agree with him though.

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