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No exam


I'm fed up with waiting for SoftAdvice to tell me when I can get my ".NET Developer" examination, since I was sick the first time around in January, so I sent them a "forget it" email today. I should have taken the oral exam today, but because email seems to be a very complicated medium to convey exact information in for some people it didn't happen. I've been thinking about this exam and preparing for it for the last 10 days or so, wasted time. Cunts!

But it's over now, I feel kind of relieved, now I can move on…

Kill Bill, Vol. 2 is absolutely great, I love the role of Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver, and Uma Thurman is absolutely gorgeous–as usual–as “The Bride.” Her real name is revealed in the movie and the above link to IMDB, just to save you from spoilers.

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