Liebach v3.0 alpha

Webpage darwinism


I'm trying to decide which pages I want to keep here, and which ones must go. Based on the current logs since 2004-04-17 and until earlier today I get the following breakdown, most popular first, number of views in parantheses:

  1. /unix/x20 (1019)
  2. /journal/… (334)
  3. /404 (255)
  4. /cv (121)
  5. /meta (118)
  6. /text/tinfoil_hat (71)
  7. /text/arabian_psycho (64)
  8. /text/decline_and_fall (60)
  9. /unix/irc (54)
  10. /unix/ssh (44)
  11. /travelplan (36)
  12. /contact (27)
  13. /search (21)
  14. /text/marketing (16)
  15. /unix/ports (5)
  16. /text/bach (4)

I'll probably delete the last three, and the rest will go in a flat “Hierarchy” in ‘/’ except ‘/journal’ and ‘/pub’. Appropriate redirects will be set up.

I'm rewriting my journal in Python and Cheetah templates (highly recommended) and will rename it to /blog. It can't hurt, it's not crawled by robots, and if people have it bookmarked they need to get a life anyway. I might support the old URL scheme, I'm not sure yet, it's more important to get better navigation and a few other features I want.

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