Liebach v3.0 alpha

It finally happened


I finally finished converting the rest of the site to Cheetah Templates and fixed a lot of little errors in the pages. Hours of entirely unexciting work.

But it is done, and I'm really happy now. The splash page is not really good, I'll improve upon it as soon as inspiration strikes and I get a good picture or something to add to it. The About me page is far from finished, I can say more than 3 lines about myself.

The little epigraphical haiku on the Weblog page is pretty outdated now that we're firmly in the grasp of autumn, but I swear it was summer when I wrote it! (added 2004-08-29 07:58:37.221883 according to the database, and I wrote it well before that). Again, when inspiration strikes I'll fix it. Inspiration is scheduled to strike on monday morning when I ride my bike down Dybbølsgade around 8:15.

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