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Free tools for Microsoft .NET


Microsoft aren't stupid. They're making a line of Visual Studio 2005 Express products available for free to get more people hooked on their tools. Don't get me wrong, it's excellent tools, but it's just tools.

Anyway, I went to a guest lecture with Anders Hejlsberg at DIKU last friday about C# 2.0. Very interesting. Highlights:

  1. The implementaion of generics in C# compared to Java and C++.
  2. Nullable datatypes [PDF, 126kB, 14p.] I think it's a really good idea when interfacing with SQL databases.
  3. Showing off the new free tools. They really did look nice.

I must honestly say that C# is a better language than Java, but the fact that I'm tied to Microsoft for professional use of C#, and I do know about Mono, is a tough one to swallow for me.

I am tempted to try it out though, it's just too fucking annoying to change OS every so often, and I'm really happy with FreeBSD 5.3 BETAsomething for now.

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