I bought the Xbox game Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow last friday, and I've been spending a lot of time this week-end playing it.

This time the setting is a conflict in East Timor. The US ambassy is attacked, hostages taken and Sam Fisher is sent in to find out what has happened and paving the way for Delta Force, and it goes from there, gathering intelligence and following clues.

This version of Splinter Cell makes the original game look like a beta. There's a little new gear and the visual side is spiffed up, but mostly a lot of little annoyances is fixed, like the fact that you can now open a door even while you're carrying a body. In the old game you had to put the body down, open the door, pick the body up and walk through the door. It makes for a much better flow. The dialogue has a darker and more sarcastic sense of humour which really suits the game.

“I think the world is small, nasty and complicated, and everyone dies alone.” — Sam Fisher.

I haven't finished the game yet, I'm at the abandoned submarine base, which isn't so abandoned it turns out. I also haven't tried to play the multiplayer and team versions of the game. If you're into sneaking around, hiding in the shadows, gathering intelligence and killing people this is the game for you.

Writing this entry I just saw there's a next game in the series: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, so I now know what my next game purchase will be. And after that I think it'll be time for Halo 2

I love wasting time like that.