Liebach v3.0 alpha

We're doomed


My faith in humanity suffered yet another blow as I went through my spam-folder. It's the same every time, and that's the problem.

It seems there's no end the the number of Microsoft security updates being sent out by email, CHIEF LAWRENCE ADU (Nigerians always shout) still can't get to his $21 million without my help and on-line pharmacies have huge stocks of all kinds of prescription drugs at unbelievable prices, and if I buy now I get 5 pills of Viagra for free, but only if I can decipher their increasingly bad spelling.

The continued existence of these emails point to a real problem with stupidity. A group of email users are so incompetent that they can't figure out how to use Windows update, they believe in CHIEF LAWRENCE ADU and they buy prescription drugs, without a prescription, from on-line pharmacies. I mean, there must be some people playing along with these scams, and the supply of people for whom email is a new and exciting thing must have dried up a long time ago, hence stupidity is the only answer.

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