Liebach v3.0 alpha

Intro-week to $COMPANY


Yesterday I had the first day in my new job.

A nice intro day was planned, but instead just about everything exploded or crashed and we had to rebuild one server and build a new one and put them into production. It would've been easy if the normal FreeBSD admins were there, but they were on their way back from EuroBSDCon. The network/security guy, the boss and I had to do as best as we could, and later in the day the other two was helping out from home. It went well, and I was actually happy that I got in the line of fire from day zero.

Today I got to tour the support section and see what the supporters was helping people with. I also got a briefing on how the mobile phone network works, how numbers are moved from one network to another etc., quite interesting.

The rest of this week I'll be reading a lot, including security guidelines and procedures, and I'll get a tour of the H&R and Marketing departments.

It's nice to get to see all parts of the company like that. It will also be nice when I get to do some real work, I look forward to that.

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