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Laesio electrica


I was shocked today, electrically, down in the server-room while I was connecting some DL380 servers. Very unpleasant. An electrician came and tried to find the error in the installation, but found nothing (scary), and said that I should go to the ER and get checked as the power passed from one hand to the other, right across the heart. I didn't like the sound of that, being kept for observation for a while is no fun at all, but my boss and one of the HR people insisted, so I went to Glostrup Hospitals ER.

Nothing was wrong, of course, and I got a paper stating I had suffered “Laesio electrica,” so now both mine and my employers' asses are covered in the highly unlikely event that I was permanently damaged in some subtle way and later mutates in some spectacular and exciting way … wait, that's radioactivity, isn't it?

Anyway; I'm glad I went to the ER. I'm even more glad I wasn't put under observation; hanging out in a hospital is a shitty way to spend a friday evening.

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