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Nazi pigs unwanted


Read “Nazister tog fejl af dato” if you read Danish. If not, here's the short version in english:

Brøndby city council voted for selling real estate for a muslim burial ground. A week later the danish nazi party leader Jonni Hansen and entourage came to protest against the decision and make the council members vote against it, not realizing they had gotten the date wrong.

As the nazis stood outside the city hall meeting room the 77-year old social-democratic mayor Kjeld Rasmussen approached Jonni Hansen, who stood flanked by six skinheads, and told him:

You, you nazi pig, you can go home to Greve and hide behind your ugly fence – and be happy I didn't meet you towards the end of the occupation – then I would probably have shot you.

Fucking cool!

The “occupation” Kjeld Rasmussen referred to is of course the German occupation of Denmark in WWII.

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