On behalf of Greg Knauss who doesn't have a weblog, poor guy, Andy Baio posts a wonderfully clear analysis of what's so wrong in the US political debate and – to an uncomfortably high degree – the Danish political debate too. Greg is expressing my gut feeling (there's a pun hidden here, read on) in words far better than I ever could:

Our culture has been swept along in a tide of emotionally-resonant, steadfastly anti-rational entertainment, and politics is at the head of the wave. The course of our country, the future of our people, is being determined by lizard-brain responses to images designed to trigger sub-rational responses.

And he goes on:

This determined emotionalism – which is another way of saying anti-rationalism – is what drives us today. You can find it distasteful, you can find it depressing, but it's most important impact is that we have turned over the direction of the country – our future – to the part of our psyche that doesn't want to think.

It's not about smarts. The lunatics aren't stupid – just the opposite. It's about the willingness to abandon the deductive process in favor of epiphany. It's about the abandonment of the brain in favor of the gut.

Ah. I knew this, but I never could say it, but go read all of it, it's not that long, and I am convinced it is true.