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Macintosh and Gadgets


I can't wait until I can afford the PowerBook that I have decided upon now. Probably not before next year though — with some luck I can make it a 34-year birthday present for myself. Perhaps there's even a 64-bit G5 model out by then…

Anyway, I was researching the available free software for such a beast:


Is currently undergoing a rewrite into BluePhone elite. Looks like a great app, and my new Nokia 6260 – which I'll write more about shortly – is on the supported list. There must be some kind of software for Mac OS X to communicate via Bluetooth and sync the phone with iCal and Address Book as I'm beginning to miss that kind of functionality. Either that or I need to buy a PDA, but I'd rather keep the number of gadgets I need to carry around down to a minimum, and with the convergence of PDAs and mobile phones I'm seeing, having two different gadgets for these things doesn't make sense anymore in my opinion. This is of course highly dependent on ones specific needs.


Mac OS X is obviously equipped with the OpenSSH suite of tools – it is pure Unix beneath the visual beauty – but the sftp(1) client leaves a lot to be desired UI-wise, hence Fugu looks like a very nice addition.


I keep hearing very good things about this application, but I am quite unconvinced that it could make me forsake vim with LaTeX-suite for TeX editing. I'll give TeXShop a chance though.

Ogg Vorbis support

By default there's no support for Ogg Vorbis in iTunes or Mac OS X in general, but the QuickTime Components project is trying to rectify this. The project looks really fresh at the moment, but the reviews suggest they have working code already.

When I get the PowerBook I just need to get an iRiver iFP-899 and I'll be set with gadgets for a quite a while. Well, I also need a selection of t-shirts from the OpenBSD clothing company, Megatokyo (I need the Ninj4 hoodie, please open for international orders soon), ThinkGeek (the Hacker Work Shirt) and syswear.

And I make fun of Mette Marie and her many shoes…

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