Yesterday, a Thursday, Alex, Martin, Michael and I met at Ølbaren in Elmegade and had a few beers. I got a Young's Oatmeal Stout, Poperings Hommelbier, a Nils Oscar Imperial Stout and a Rochefort Trappistes 10. The Nils Oscar stout was fabulous. I was slightly hung over today, my headache didn't disappear before noon or so, probably because of too much second hand smoke. It made my work day a little tougher.

It was really nice to see the other guys, it's a shame we live so far apart (actually Martin lives 25 minutes by train away, but the others…). Alex and I met around 19:15, the others came in just before 22:00. It was nice just talking tech, work, security, Sommerfest and the Microsoft indoctrination event that had brought Alex to town. A very nice night out.

And ladies' bikes are the best, much better than my mountainbike.