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“What is a Programming Language?” and “What is a database management system?” Dr. Stephen Blott asked his fourth-year students to write an essay on one of those two subjects. The answers are enlightening as to why programmers generally suck at documentation and basic english. Thanks to ecksor for the link.

I've been hacking a Perl script to email customers lately, and I found MIME::Lite::HTML to be just right for my needs; but… it's documentation suck! The author is clearly french, and he haven't paid attention to the excellent docs accompanying the MIME::Lite module that it's built upon, he should have used the MIME::Lite POD as a template, as it is now I'm using fetures that are either undocumented or just documented in real bad english (I'm not really sure, actually). Documentation like that really devalue the software, and it is far too common.

Programmers should be able to express ideas in english just as well as in a programminglanguage. Too many fail or neglect it.

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