Liebach v3.0 alpha

The official BSD-DK julefrokost


The pictures are on-line in a temporary location, completely raw and unedited, all of them. Svend Esbjerg also took some pictures.

The food was good, not the usual disgusting brown danish christmas crap-food, except for the first course which was the usual mashed fish-something that looked really bad. I rarely like first courses. The desert portions was too small, but that's the usual problem. Tasted good.

We talked, drank and got wasted, ended up being thrown out from The Globe where it was held because they wanted to close around 03:00, went to Café Clasen and got more beer and some nasty shots, and then I went home. I had to walk, no taxis to get, no trains. Luckily a 7-11 next to Nørreport station was open and I got a “French Hotdog” (probably called somthing else outside Denmark) and went on my way home. I was home around 05:15 I think.

Best of all was that there wasn't too many smokers so I had nearly no hangover today, just an aversion to move my head quickly, and having slept a couple hours extra this afternoon I feel just about back to normal again.

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