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Anders Ebbesen – known from The Webbesen Post, a weekly newsletter issued about 3 times a year or so – bought a CD from Sony. Unfortunately Sony wants to punish legitimate users of their music, so they have copy protected their CDs. Not even Anders' Sony DiscMan™ could play it.

Luckily for Anders he discovered various P2P networks where he could download the music he had bought so he could actually listen to it. Anders was so happy that he wrote Sony about his discovery. Anders was not naïve though, so to get some kind of response he promised wine and flowers if they answered him.

They did.

So Anders went out and bought (good) wine and flowers and delivered them to Sony. He also got his friend Simon to videotape it, and he uploaded the movie to his webserver … and then he got a letter from Sonys lawyers. The original letter, the letter from Sonys lawyers and the whole story – except for the video that Anders had to remove – is documented at (Danish only I'm afraid.)

Fortunately a lot of nice people have mirrored the movie, and here's a partial list, including another list of mirrors:

It would have been so much easier for Sony if they had just ignored the whole thing but no, they just had to make fools of themselves. I'm pretty convinced that the bigger the corporate entity the dumber, and Sony is one of the biggest.

Have fun, and spread the word.

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