Liebach v3.0 alpha

NetBSD 2.0 is out


Yay! The NetBSD Project has announced the 2.0 release. A lot of things has been upgraded and NetBSD now ships with, among many other things, gcc 3.3.3, FreeBSDs UFS2, a cryptographic disk driver (cgd(4)), SMP and ACPI support and a native threads implementation for all platforms.

All of /bin and /sbin is now statically linked and for rescue use there's /rescue of space-optimized statically linked versions of various tools required to repair a system, so actual thought has gone into it, unlike Linux. Yes, I have had the joy of a busted Linux system because of a broken glibc. Impossible to save, unlike a BSD or other real Unix.

I got to try NetBSD 2.0, Real Soon Now™, NetBSD is the one of the three big BSDs I don't know relatively well, and I think I should.

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