Liebach v3.0 alpha

Premature christmas present


I got my christmas present from Mette Marie today, a pair of Oakley M-Frames. It should've been a surprise but then I started talking about buying a pair so she had to tell me what her present for me was. Since I now know what I'll get I might as well get it now instead of waiting for christmas.

It was the same way with her 30-year birthday present (that was last sunday, 2004-12-05), she was about to buy herself a new jacket of the waterproof all-weather kind and I had to stop her because I was buying an Arc'teryx Alpha SV jacket for her, just about the best there is. I'll need one of those for myself too sometime, hers is black so I'll get one in Sangria (dark red color) which I like better anyway. After all we shouldn't end up looking too much like a quality-conscious version of a middle-aged german couple on vacation…

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