Liebach v3.0 alpha

Windows 2003 SP1 RC


The first release candidate is out, and eWeek writes about it.

It looks like Microsoft is willing to tighten security enough that it does hurt some applications and probably sites using sloppy practices too. Very good. If they can't learn they must feel.

Other than that it seems they're doing the usual “add more code to make it more secure” dance, and it's really not the best thing to do. They should try and look at what OpenBSD is doing in their httpd cleanup. To begin with they had a 7000 line diff to the Apache Foundation sources, and lately they've removed around 50 files and a few thousand lines of #ifdef'ed code that is never compiled anyway. They expect to find bugs in the process, and it sounds like they're trying to build an IPv6 enabled httpd without sacrificing SSL, which is great.

Well, enough of this weblogging binge, three entries in a day is excessive. I gotta sleep too.

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