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I've been meaning to update my Curriculum Vitae to not talk so much about Java and mention that I am now happily employed as a Unix System Administrator, hence not looking for a job anymore.

And now I have — mostly. The Danish version is still just a short comment pointing to the English version until I get around to translate it.

It's amazing how much it means to have a job that I like in a field where I can imagine myself working in both 10 and 20 years time, I've never tried that before. I'm very happy.

It also means that now Mette Marie and I are really looking for a better place to live. We were out looking at Solstriben yesterday. A wonderful place, and just next to where my best friend Nicolai and his wife and two kids live. It's expensive as hell here in Copenhagen, a 124 m² 2 floor house would cost 2,345,000 Kr (315,610 €) + rent. We're probably looking at 14,000 Kr (1,885 €) per month to live there, and we could probably afford it together. It'd be nice, there's room for two kids and everything.

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