Liebach v3.0 alpha

Returning home


I'm writing this on the train as we pass over the Storebælt bridge and through the tunnel, listening to Rammstein, Clawfinger and Calexico, alternating between extensively reading Dive Into Python and writing this. A fairly comfortable way of spending just over four hours on a train.

I've had a fine christmas without too much boring brown traditional danish christmas food. Christmas eve was turkey, potatoes and rice à la mande, which is way better than duck as many people get. Christmas day we got a wonderful and very satisfying brunch with eggs, sausages, pancakes and bread, and today I had pizza of all things. Great.

I've taken 197 pictures since the 23rd, among them some very nice ones from the beach at Lodbjerg. I really need to get around to writing that on-line gallery script in Python I've been babbling about for more than a year now, especially since I've lost access to; the site is still there, I just can't change it. I'm thinking of ripping off some of the code from Chapter 5 of Dive Into Python, it looks like a fine fit together with Python Imaging Library and Cheetah Templates for the task.

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