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A terrible human tragedy


Every time I listen to the radio, read a newspaper or watch TV it's full of emotionally appealing news – short on real detailed facts – about the terrible human tragedies following the 2004-12-26 tsunami in the Indian Ocean. News about parents losing their children, finding them again against all odds and couples being reunited, etcetera ad nauseam…

The Danish prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, gave his traditional new years speech today directly instead of the usual taped version because he wanted to talk about the disaster in south-east asia, elegantly avoiding real and important political issues I imagine.

Nearly every journalist, politician and bureaucrat seems convinced that what people want is emotionally engaging news and stories, speaking directly to the part of the brain that does not want to think. And maybe they're right. I guess that is the real human tragedy in all of this.

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