Liebach v3.0 alpha

Towards triathlon


I'm now a member of the triathon club KTK86, at least as soon as they register my payment.

When I raced in Kulturhavn Triathlon 2003 I enjoyed myself so much that I joined the club, but I got away from it again. I still want to train and – when the time is right – race, and to facilitate that I'm buying a Polar S625X heart rate monitor. My old Polar Accurex is totally worn out, the display semi-broken, and it needs a new battery, and this new S625X costs only 25% more than the Accurex cost me back in 1996 and it can collect data from the training pass and even act as a cycling computer. It rocks, it's at least 17× better.

Only problem is that the software require Windows and what I suspect is a USB IrDA adapter (included), and I have no idea whether it's supported by any real OS, but I plan to try and do something about it, I just don't know what before I have the hardware at hand, but if I can just get to the data I can probably hack up some software to graph and analyze it, put it in a database and create some pretty webpages or something. I will have to downgrade to Windows to begin with, then see what I can do from there.

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