Liebach v3.0 alpha

Mac Mac Mac Mac Mac


I'm a little worried. I think I'm turning into a Mac whore. I find myself browsing every day to check for the new faster PowerBook models with that slightly faster CPU and larger harddisk that I want. I want the top-of-the-line 15″ model because I can now for once afford a little luxury.

There's even the temptation to switch $EDITOR from vim – which works fine on Mac OS X – to BBEdit; it seems all the Mac loving web-hackers use it, and it does have some cute features (as it should at $199). I also discovered Ogg Drop which enables Mac OS X to play my preferred format of compressed digital music. I have nothing to loose in the switch. Really.

I won't miss running OpenBSD current or FreeBSD RELENG_5 on my main computer, it's not that interesting for me anymore, and a modern Mac still have the wonderful Unix commandline integrated with the OS that I rely upon for so many things.

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