We went to Venø today and spent a few hours at the beach eating lunch and enjoying the warm sun for the first time this year. I took a nap too. I still feel slightly drunk from all the sun, the light, the water and the fresh air.

It was wonderful.

In the last few days as we've been driving around in the mostly beautiful easter weather I've been green with envy every time I saw a seriously looking cyclist out on a training ride. I miss that.

As a consequence I've been looking a lot in the catalogue from Road Bike Shop, looking for a way to rebuild my current Principia TSL to a more standard road bike as I think that's closer to the ideal for me. Even for Triathlon racing.

But it's just not economically feasible rebuilding my bike at the moment, so I'll just buy new tires and tubes, and probably a set of training wheels. It just doesn't feel right to train on carbon wheels.

I'm sitting on the train with Mette Marie now, as we race towards Copenhagen and home. It's not even completely dark yet, and it's just past 20:00. I begin to feel summer coming. Slowly, but it is on its way.