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I've been travelling too much to Jutland by train lately, a trip that takes 3–4 hours, depending on where exactly I'm going. Right now I'm on a train to Århus for Mette Maries cousins confirmation, out and back the same day. So I sit here on the train listening to Gorillaz and Tori Amos and write. Obviously I'm not on-line right now so I can't really link to external sites–unless I happen to remember the URL–but I try and retro-fit links when I get on-line again, proofreading one more time, before I regenerate the pages and upload.

It is a very relaxing way to spend time on the train, but I wish they had some sort of Wi-Fi accessible internet service on the train, the open access points I pass are gone too quickly after all. I'd gladly pay a few € for that each way.

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