Yesterday I went for a bike ride. It was the first ride of the year for me, and the only training I've done this year is less than 10 hours of running, last time weeks ago. I was trying to find a good route to work in Høje Taastrup avoiding all the big roads.

I got lost.

I went too far south, so I nearly got all the way to Hundige. Realizing that I went north, crossing Roskildevej, and tried to find a small road going west through Vestskoven, but they were all of the non-paved variety, so I ended up in Ballerup. I finally managed to find my way to Høje Taastrup, it took me nearly 2½ hours to get that far. I had figured that that would be the total time for the ride, and I had no more to drink at that point. It was going to be a long ride home.

Still trying to avoid the big roads going home I instantly got semi-lost again, so I erred on the side of caution and went the last 10–15 km by Roskildevej, one of the big roads I was trying to avoid. At that point I was extremely tired, my legs hurt badly and I felt dizzy. I contemplated getting on a train and get home that way, hoping I didn't get caught without a ticket, but I decided against it, it would've been too humiliating to quit like that.

Finally home I could see that my wheels had been rolling for 3:47′ averaging just over 21 km/h, 80.50 km. Weak. I used to be able to do nearly 100 km in that time on an easy recovery ride, but that was back in 1997 and my 10:07′17″ Ironman race. If I could just reach 80% of my ability back then I'd be really happy, and I'm convinced that can be done without the massive amounts of training I did back then. Something that goes well with a full-time job and a life.

It was really nice on the way from Ballerup to Høje Taastrup, passing through Smørum-Ledøje county, where I actually got to ride in real countryside, the sky was blue and the landscape still dominated by earth colors. Just a few weeks and there will be leaves on the trees.

At one point a sign pointed to “Pisby” (“Pisscity”), but when I got there the sign said “Risby” (“Ricecity”, a bad translation but…). Oh well, it was a nicely defaced road-sign. Alternatively I could've gone to “Nybolle” — another strange city name out there west of Copenhagen.

This was also the first ride on my Schwalbe Stelvio 650×23C tires. These are the first 650C tires in 23 mm width I've seen, usually they only make them in 650×20C size, like the completely worn out Continental Grand Prix 3000 tires I rode before. I can only recommend that you buy Schwalbe Stelvio tires for training if you're 650C encumbered, it's really hard getting good training tires in that size. I'll still prefer Continental Grand Prix 3000 for racing though, but they wear out fast. If you're buying a new bike you should go for standard size 700C wheels at all costs, unless you'er a very small person and need smaller wheels to get a good fit.