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Hit by the flu


Going home from Århus two days ago was quite an ordeal. I didn't feel too good during the day, but thought that it was mostly the too tough bikeride the day before that I could feel, but in the late afternoon it was abundantly clear that it was more than that. Trying to catch an earlier train failed, so I had to wait some more, walking restlessly around in Århus for a while, ended up buying an issue of VeloNews with a “Buyer's Guide” chock full of bikes and components for me to drool over. Bikepr0n basically.

On the train I just started feeling worse, not only because the guy besides me was listening to Britney Spears very loudly on his musicplayerthingie (we need a new word here, years ago you could just say Walkman™ and be right, but that is not the case anymore). At the Copenhagen main station I had to change to another train for the last 1 km home, and I really felt how sick I was, and from then on and until I was home I was shaking with cold without being cold. I certainly had a pretty high fever. Finally home I took a really hot shower and went to bed, slept for over 13 hours.

Still, going down to the local ALDI and to the post office at Fisketorvet, about 800 m walking, was really hard today—not only because there was no less than three people collecting money for UNICEF just crossing Dybbølsbro bridge, one at each end, one in the middle—so I guess it's unwise to try and go to work tomorrow. Just playing Splinter Cell Chaos Theory makes me forget how bad I feel and how tired I am, it is a great diversion, and a great game. I'll give it a decent writeup sometime, like I did earlier with the predecessor; Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.

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