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Contemplating a new bike


On my way home today I went by Fabin in Roskilde, a nice little hour long detour. They had some 2002 Boreas bikes with Ultegra and R550 wheels at a very good price, but they were already sold out in my size. I was looking for around 1350 €, but it seems everything is either 1100 € and down for a 105 equipped bike (not good enough) or from around 1750 € and up for a Ultegra equipped bike (which is good enough). The closest I got was an FRM Furore CS with the Ultegra/R550 components for 1880 €. It looks fine. A frame my size, 172.5 mm cranks, 42–53T chainrings, 12–25T 10-speed cassette, 44 cm handlebar and I'd be one happy camper.

After having talked to the mechanic about the choices I spent a while just browsing around the shop looking at the three beautiful Isaac Joule bikes, the pretty complete selection of Zipp wheels and other high-end road bike components. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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