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My new bike


As I was comtemplating four weeks ago, I bought a new bike, and it did end up being the FRM Furore CS from Fabin in Roskilde for 14000 kr (1880 €), a nice aluminium frame (7075, double-butted) with carbon seatstays, chainstays and fork. About 8.6 kg including everything except pedals and bottle-cages. Only bad thing I can say about it is that the carbon finish on the fork and the rear triangle doesn't match, the fork is polished clear, the rear end is matte clear. The aluminium tubes are a light nearly silver grey finish with black FRM logo and some smaller black/white decals.

The ride is great, it's stiff enough that it doesn't feel like it's wasting anything when I accelerate or power up hills, yet it's very comfortable, probably because of the carbon parts of the frame. The handling is without surprises, it goes where you want it to, just as it should. It is a really fine do-it-all kind of bike.

And the fit is nearly perfect. I still need to tweak a little, perhaps change to a 10 mm longer stem, but the basic geometry of the frame is right for me.

The Shimano Ultegra components and the R550 wheels are as great as it gets without being Dura-Ace. Only thing I didn't like was the decals on the wheels, but they were not too hard to get off, and I instantly got a much better looking bike.

I originally wanted a 42–53T chainring combo on the front, but I would have had to pay extra for that, Shimano only sell their groupsets with 39–53T chainrings, so I settled for that. With the 12–25T 10-speed cassette it turned out to be just the right gearing for me, after 8 years off the bike I am weak and pathetic on a bike, and the gear-ratios need to reflect that.

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