Liebach v3.0 alpha

Too cynical


As I left for todays ride some guy that I've never noticed before, but who's probably living in the same street as I am, asked me how far I was going to ride, Two hours I said, Where do you live? (he had just seen me walking out the door), Second floor. I was getting slightly annoyed by then. How fast do you ride, 30–32? Nah, slower. I said, and turned around the corner, starting the ride in earnest, forgetting to reset the timer on the computer untill a few minutes later.

Rolling along Roskildevej I wondered about that weird question about where I lived. What was he up to, breaking in and stealing my bikes? Well he couldn't know I had more than the one I was on when he saw me after all, but anyway…

Back when I lived in a dormitory I had a breakin. They had broken into a lot of our rooms then, going after expensive things they knew were there, including my bike. Luckily I normally kept it somewhere else.

So I'm a little paranoid.

I had a nice ride, 2:20′ averaging 27.7 km/h, pretty good for me, concentrating on keeping the cadence above 90 RPM. Coming home again that same guy asking all the questions were there again. That was more than two hours. he said. We chatted some more about the ride before I dragged myself and my bike up the stairs for a shower, food and rest. He was just genuinely friendly and interested.

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