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Outlaw public smoking, please


Somewhere along the meandering road of our western culture it got socially acceptable to smoke tobacco on a daily basis, but not to drink alcohol or use hashish in the same way. A lot of people started using tobacco every day. In less enlightened times such cultural mistakes are understandable, but today it is unforgiveable.

I consider tobacco a drug in the same class as alcohol and hashish, great for occasional recreational use, but daily use is stupid. Furthermore smoking is damaging—like all drugs are—not only for the smoker, but for everyone in the same room, and like most non-smokers I find the stench revolting. Alcohol and hashish (as far as they're not mixed with a tobacco addiction, which they most often are) only hurt the user, which brings tobacco in a class of its own.

Today the Social Democrats said they would support a law against smoking in public places. That is significant because now the cat is out of the bag (it has been increasingly noisy in that bag for a while now), there will be a public debate here in Denmark, and eventually a law against public smoking will pass. It's not a question if, it's a question when, and it could be within just two years, full of entertaining whining from the tobacco industry and stupid smokers.

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