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More connections, more risk


The more data you let business partners access—the more you're connected—the more you must trust the security of same partners.

One of CardSystems Solutions' business partners got owned and the hacker was able to pull information on at least 68,000 MasterCard accounts from their database according to the SecurityFocus story.

Up to 40 million credit-cards could be breached. It's good that CardSystems Solutions openly admit it, it's the only right thing to do. If the story had leaked it would've been a PR catastrophy for them.

The thought about how many third-party processors (whatever that means) there are in a system like that is really scary, and many of them probably aren't in the IT heavy sector, so they're unlikely to have skilled people to secure and maintain their systems. There must be plenty of low-hanging fruit there for the evil hacker.

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