I've just returned from Mainz and the IBM TotalStorage Executive Briefing Center and 2 days of indoctrination in the ways of IBM Storage.

We flew down there monday morning in a Piper PA-31 from FlexFlight and was then taken to the IBM TotalStorage Executive Briefing Center and given a lot of executive briefings of everything pertaining to IBM Storage and the things we're planning to buy at work—namely storage… Surprising, eh?

After a long day—which had started around 05:00 for me—we finally checked in at our hotel for a little rest. I tried to sleep, but my mind was so full of flying in a small plane and storage products that I only fell semi-asleep dreaming weird dreams of flying in a small plane over landscapes of storage arranged in ever changing psycedelic fractal-like patterns, later segueing into a dream of masks morphing at insane speeds.

Later we went to Villa Vinum for food and wine. I realized I knew virtually nothing of German wines, but luckily the lady who introduced the wines knew a lot about them. It was really interesting, and I ended up investing in four bottles of wine at 57 €, including a very good wine that was nearly an eiswein according to our hostess. Of course we all ended up getting rather drunk, and we had a lot of fun.

This morning was a little tough, but we had a very enlightening Q&A session with some of the resident experts.

Before going home we went to Kupferberg for a guided tour of their very impressive cellars and tasting their products, and it was delicious, but after yesterday the appetite for alcohol was not that great. It was interesting to see and hear about how they produce “Sekt”, which is the same as Champagne but just not made in the Champagne district in France, sparkling wine.

Flying home we encountered some turbulence the last hour or so, not very comfortable, but we managed, and nobody got sick. I had been a little apprehensive about the flight home, since the Texan moron currently presiding in the White House would land this evening, and most airspace around Copenhagen was restricted. Only flights with previously logged flightplans were allowed, which luckily included ours. As we approached the airport we saw a field where someone had written in huge letters “FUCK BUSH”, crop-circle style. Sadly I didn't get a picture, but I really appreciated the message.