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Mr. and Ms. Liebach on tour


We got married last saturday, August 6th, at Holstebro city hall. It was a nice little ceremony, just family.

As Mr. and Ms. Liebach we then went out on a little ride in a pink and white '57 Mercury while the rest of the guests converged on Ålykke 11 ahead of us for a little refreshment, watch us unpack presents etc., before we drove to the holiday house where we've spent the rest of this week. The guests was sent home last sunday, so we've been driving around playing tourists this week.

First up was Rebild Bakker, then Dronninglund Storskov, Svinkløv Badehotel and Råbjerg Mile.

Rebild Bakker was wonderful, I hadn't been there for over 15 years, so it was nice seeing it again, Mette Marie had never seen it before. We walked around for about 1½ hours enjoying it. Then we drove towards Dronninglund, passing Aalborg en route. I called reverse to hear if he were home, but he was at the Skanderborg Festival, so no luck.

It was fun seeing Dronninglund Storskov again, trees that were no higher than 50 cm when I last saw them 15 years ago when I worked there, were now 5–6 m, a lot of things just changed. Watching trees grow is fun, at least when it's only done once every 10 years, otherwise I think it's quite boring.

Wednesday we ate dinner at Svinkløv Badehotel. Very classy place, completely old-school decor and incredibly delicious food. Our table was in the yellow room, white walls, ceiling and floor, warm yellow window and door frames and curtains, the sea and the beach just outside. Very simple and beautiful, delicious food and wine. Highly recommended.

Dinner for two set us back about 130 €, it's not a cheap place.

Yesterday we had an excursion to Råbjerg Mile. As we were driving out from the car parking we found out the left rear tire was nearly completely flat. Of course the car only had one of those diminutive emergency spare wheels that you can't drive faster than 80 km/h, so we drove to Ålbæk on that and found a mechanic who could fix the flat wheel same day. We spent the time eating pizza at a restaurant clearly catering to German tourists with huge pictures of the alps on the walls and a generally tasteless decor in fake wood and brown colors, schlager music on the stereo. The pizzas were OK though.

Today is cleaning day before we head home tomorrow. We both look forward to coming home now.

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