Liebach v3.0 alpha

A rat died


A while ago a rat died somewhere on Islands Brygge from ratpoison. As the rats body decomposed, flies laid eggs in it, and when they hatched the larvae feasted on its decomposing flesh, eventually evolving into flies themselves. Then they flew out and started eating at a small and nearly healed cut on my shin. It started bleeding—which just made it better—so they continued.

At least the part involving the cut on my shin is true, I have no idea where those flies came from. I tried to make them go away, but to no avail, and I were busy taking pictures of Copenhagen Harbour Triathlon anyway.

So now I have a hot, swollen and tender shin, influenza-like symptoms, and I eat 3×1,000,000 units Penicillin a day, and I have to do that for 10 days. Not so funny.

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