With bikes there's nothing more important than fit, and to assist in that the Zinn Custom Fit page can help. It seems my bike is just right, though the stem should be 140 mm instead of 110 mm according to Zinn. Perhaps 120 or 130 mm is more correct.

Currently Zinns saddle to bar distance calculation is broken, so I think I'll wait until it's fixed before I decide on any upgrades. It's nice though, a new stem is not too expensive, and it means a lot.

By the way, I still haven't got my rear wheel repaired which broke a spoke and was delivered to Fabin for repair 5 weeks ago. The first 3 weeks Bjarne Egedesø A/S—the Danish Shimano distributor—was closed for vacation so Fabin couldn't order a new spoke, but it's been 2 weeks now since they could order the damn spoke, and no news yet, and not much explanation when I call.

Yeah, I am extremely annoyed.