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As God intended…


A whopping 42% of Americans believe that life on earth has existed in its present form since the beginning of time, according to a Pew survey of 2000 adult Americans.

The Americans are the true champions of stupidity, and they couldn't have elected a more representative president.

Yes, I know that a significant minority of Americans are modern humans with functioning brains who's not superstituous and stupid. It's just that the rest of them are so noisy.

This is not to say there's no room for spirituality in the world, it complements science as Niels Bohr would have said, it's just that I really can't accept how people can look at the world and then decide they don't believe what they see because some old book says it's not so. Maybe they're just lazy and think it's easier with an answer book instead of the gradual refinement towards truth which science can offer.

I don't know… but religious fundamentalism stinks. Period.

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