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Browsing the cycling tech news the phrase Polar software for Macs grabbed my attention.

I've been running Windows XP in Virtual PC only to be able to run the Polar Precision Performance software with my S625X, but a native solution running on Mac OS X would be much better, and that was just what I found in the February 11th tech news. It's called iSMARTtrain—not a great name—and it looks like it can do most things I need, but there's some quirks.

It can only communicate with the serial version of the Polar IR Interface through a RS-232 to USB converter (no recent Macs have serial ports built in), and it can't be used to program the monitor with limits and intervals etc.

It's annoying that I have to go out and get a new IR interface, but a good RS-232 to USB adapter is always a nice thing to have. Programming the monitor with limits is not something I'll have to do very often, and I don't use the interval programming function, at least not yet. Support for these features are planned.

Another nice thing is the forum which seems pretty lively for a program with so relatively few users, and the developer frequently answer questions there.

iSMARTtrain is a bargain at $40, at least compared to CyclingPeaks at $75 which is Windows only. Oh, and CyclingPeaks needs Administrator privileges to work… I still haven't found a single braindamaged application like that on Mac OS X.

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