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Shiny new thing: Mighty Mouse


Mette Marie and I did some serious shopping today.

Among other things I was out to buy either a Mighty Mouse or a Wireless Mouse, the latter would've been cool because I could've gotten rid of all cables, except for the power cable.

Unfortunately they didn't have a Wireless Mouse in the shop, but I tried one of the normal mice, and decided I would miss the scroll-wheel too much, so I ended up buying a Mighty Mouse.

And I like it. The wheel even works as a middle button, I use that a lot in The only thing I'm not too fond of is the size of the scroll-ball, I'd have liked it to be bigger, but it's OK.

I also bought some bike-tools and a chain-cleaner and a short-sleeved polyesther shirt with white skull & cross-bones above the left chest pocket. HARRRRR!

And Mette Marie got a pair of very very cool €225 Camper boots.

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